Thursday, January 5, 2012

Section 1

Section one can easily be summarized by Chemnitz himself in the fifth paragraph, “Lest I take more time reciting the abusive words of individual papalists against Holy Scripture [he is speaking of Andrada], the sum and substance is this: They maintain that Holy Scripture is not canon, norm, measuring instrument or rule, according to which all disputes concerning matters of faith are to be adjusted and this chiefly for two reasons (1) because Scripture is insufficient, for it does not contain everything that is necessary for faith and godly living; (2) because also in those things which it does contain it is obscure and ambiguous, like a waxen nose or a leaden square…Therefore they say that it is an occasion of strife than the voice of a judge, a teacher who cannot speak, a dead letter, yes a letter that kills, etc.”

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