Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Project

I have decided that for this new year I will attempt to read through the four volumes of Martin Chemnitz' Examination of the Council of Trent.  I will then publish summaries of the sections here for anyone to read and discuss.  I have often said that I don't wish to blog unless I have something that is actually worth saying. Therefore since my own knowledge of Chemnitz is sufficiently lacking this seemed like a worthy project fitting of the blog title. I hope that this project does not fall by the wayside or is put on the farthest back burner, but the priorities of vicarage and seminary may dictate otherwise.  I begin with Chemnitz' preface to volume 1.

***Note all quotations will be taken from Examination of the Council of Trent: Part 1 by Martin Chemnitz translated by Fred Kramer and published by Concordia Publishing House

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