Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Concerning the Similarity and Affinity of the Traditions of the Papalists with those of the Pharisees and of the Talmud

Section 3 compares the Talmudic tradition to the Roman Catholic Tradition.  Chemnitz’ basic argument in this section is that if one holds to the Catholic Tradition and its argument then one could also hold to the Talmudic tradition. His best argument was a challenge to Andrada in which he wants Andrada to respond to a Jew who wishes to free himself from the Talmud and base his faith on only the Old Testament since no catholic would encourage the use of the Talmud as authoritative.  Chemnitz also compares the priestly succession with the prophetic and rabbinic succession, and how Moses received more on Sinai than what is written to the disciples receiving more from Jesus than what is written. 
           It is interesting how quickly tradition can usurp Scripture but how slowly if at all Scripture trumps tradition.

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