Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Concerning the Origin, Reason for, and Use of the New Testament Scripture

 In section two, Chemnitz begins his argument for the sufficiency of Scripture against the use of tradition.  He begins his argument by looking to the history of the Old Testament.  He first notes that throughout ancient history the oral tradition was not preserved  always and everywhere but was repeatedly corrupted and adulterated. Therefore God instituted the written word to Moses so that constant special revelation wouldn’t be necessary.  Chemnitz’ best argument for the sufficiency of the Old Testament comes in paragraph 15, “Christ when He wanted to appeal to the testimony of the doctrine of the fathers and prophets from the beginning of the world, interprets Scripture and says: ‘Thus it is written.’ This testimony should be diligently considered. Christ had already entered into His glory through His resurrection and could have brought to remembrance many things concerning the true unwritten traditions of the patriarchs and prophets; for He Himself was the one who spoke with the fathers.  But He adduces only what is written. For He wanted to attest the fact that in what has been written concerning the doctrine of the patriarchs and prophets all is contained that is necessary and sufficient when the question is asked what the doctrine and faith of the patriarchs and prophets was.”

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